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How to Sell IoT 
Even If You're Not an IoT Expert
PLUS, How to Sell IoT Solutions Under Your Own Brand

Brian Bielawski

Director of Business Development
myDevices - Plug & Play IoT Solutions

Mark Smith

Host of IoT Playbook Podcast, and Business Development Director for the ChannelPro Network
What You'll Learn On This FREE Webinar!
2020 Panic Button
  • The upcoming 2020 Panic Button regulation that hotel chains need to implement now 
  • We'll show you a 2-minute video that shows prospects a cutting edge solution and literally sells the IoT plug-and-play system for you
  • ​Plus the emails you need to help you close the sale
Medical IoT Ready
  • The "Jayco" healthcare regulation that is driving your potential healthcare clients crazy and how you can easily solve it
  • PLUS make some serious monthly recurring revenue at the same time
Build Your Brand
  • You get to sell these solutions under your own brand
  • ​So you can build some brand equity 
  • ​While you make new IoT managed services monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
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