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Free iot managed service offer builder
and free IoT Offer Mini-Course
Get the FREE IoTMSP Offer Builder System and Step-by-Step video walkthrough that includes:
  • IoT Hot Market List: We provide you with a list of the top IoT market opportunities
  • Partner Case Studies: We provide videos of partners explaining how they sold high-ticket IoT managed services
  • IoTMSP Offer Template: The IoT Playbook framework to quickly develop & launch your first  IoT managed service offer
with our iot offer builder, you'll be able to:
  • Quickly identify the top IoT opportunities
  • Based on real-life partner video case studies
  • Videos included in the FREE IoT Offer Builder Member's Area
Vertical Market Opportunities Included :
  • Healthcare: Cold storage, inventory levels
  • Banking: Locking down networks and providing real-time alerts of new devices attaching to the network
  • Hospitality: Mobile emergency alert system with every employee
  • Agriculture: Cannabis, smart greenhouses
  • Transportation: Electronic logging devices
so, why is this free?

Because we know you would like to offer a high-margin IoT Managed Services, but...

  • You don't what IoT services to offer your prospects
  • ​You don't know what IoT product are available to sell
  • You don't know what markets are hot right now
  • ​You don't know the IoT marketing angles that get prospects to buy from you now
  • The free IoT Playbook Offer Builder answers all of these questions..and much more!

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