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From the Desk of Mark Smith
Host of IoT Playbook Podcast
IoT Managed Services will hit $500 billion by 2022.  I haven't seen an opportunity like this since I founded Windows NT Magazine in 1995.

The key to scaling your IoT Solution is to create an IoT "Playbook" that can be sold repeatedly via IT channel partners who know how to integrate your IoT solution with their customers.

The second key is generating monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for both you and your partners. 

IoT Playbook is designed to help you achieve both.  First, by helping you design an IoT playbook and then getting that playbook in front of IT channel partners who are looking for ready-to-sell IoT solutions.

--Mark Smith
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The IoT playbook audience
  • Influence the Influencers: Each of our IT business owners manages the network and software for a minimum of 10 clients (some have over 200 clients), so this is your chance to influence the influencers.
  • Vertical Market Specialties Include: Medical IoT, smart retail, smart buildings, smart cities, industrial IoT, smart energy management, smart agriculture, commercial transport, and other IoT managed services.
  • Managed IoT Services: Our channel partners understand how to generate monthly recurring revenue (MRR) by offering high-value IoT and managed security services to their customers. Security is their #1 specialty!
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JB Fowler
Chief Revenue Officer
We spend a lot of time acquiring, qualifying, and educating channel partners on all aspects of selling IoT managed services—all before they are ready to buy our solution. This creates a long sales cycle of phone calls and staff time.  

 But, with ChannelPro’s IoT Playbook program, we’ve received more than a dozen new channel partners who simply bought our Domotz Starter Toolkit online. These new partners already understand our product and are ready to start selling it to their customers. 

This saves my company a lot of time and resources.

The ChannelPro IoT Playbook program also shows MSPs how to sell a highly profitable network monitoring and alerting service that can lead to recurring revenue for the partner and our company.

If you sell an IoT solution through IT channel partners, you owe it to yourself to check out ChannelPro’s IoT Playbook program.”    
Luis alvarez doubled his IoT managed service revenue in 90 days!
Meet Luis Alavarez
Owner, Alvarez Technology Group
and IoT Playbook Faculty Practitioner
  • Developed an IoT managed service
  • Sold it to 150 of his MSP clients for $480/month
  • Generates $72,000 MRR from IoT managed services
  • ​At 80% margin, that's $691,200 profit per year
  • ​Developed a managed video service that generates 95% profit
  • ​Sells multi 7 figures in managed security services each year
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